Monday, May 23, 2011

I hate you food....

Tomorrow has been a week since surgery.... and I feel... back to normal...... And when I mean normal I mean pre-band normal... I'm hungry... I eat to much and too often! Ughhhh I know its a mind thing but wow this is hard.... I should have taken this oportunity to use it as a learning experience but instead so far I have had some of my favorite foods I have gone without for the past year.... When I was soooo sick before the surgery I dropped down to 185 (which I knew some of it would come back due to not eating or drinking for 4 days straight).  Now I'm back up to 197... AHHH :( Didn't think it would come that fast but wow.... I'm just having a down day and really missing my restriction :(

Now... That I got that off my chest and confessed to someone that I have not been eating like I should.... Now to try to get off on the right track tomorrow....  I think I am actually going to go right now to the kitchen and prepare my lunch for tomorrow.... I still have over a week till I get my fill back (and honestly I dont think he will put the full 4 cc back in it... I think I remember him mentioning only putting back half)..... Lets see if "confessing my sins" and realizing what I have done will help me get back on track.

And thanks for the get wells! It means a lot :) And it means a lot to have people who share the same struggle to talk to! Not a lot of people know that I have had this done so it feels good to share my troubles with someone.

Thanks :)


  1. Girl, you're not the only one. I haven't been eating like I should or doing the things a bandster would/should do. I am hoping a fill will set me straight and onto a path of continue weight loss (so wanna reach 199) but I'm just not sure. I've got to set myself right and just DO IT!! We can both DO IT!!

    I need to start carrying lunch to work to, not only do I save money, I save calories. Good Idea and Good Luck

  2. I was just banded a little over two weeks ago! I look forward to following you! Please check me out.