Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The gall bladder is now GONE!

Well I had surgery Tuesday! Everything went well and I am now gall bladder free... My Dr. said it was very infected and a good thing we got it out....Now for the bad news :( My band is completely empty of fluid and I am STARVING my weight has gone up about 5 pounds... (which i lost a lot being sick before this thing was taken out)  I have no restriction what so ever... and I wont have any fluid put back in till June 2... I was finally at my green zone which was great then all this happened! UGH! When i go back June 2nd he will only do a little fill then about two weeks later fill it back to where i was... I'm not use to feeling hungry so this is a weird feeling for me... I try to eat my small portions but lets just say they don't fill me up now! so my stomach is growling again just an hour or so later... On a bright note... he looked at my band while he was taking out my gall bladder and said things are looking great! It has not moved/shifted and it was still stitched good!  He told me not to worry about weight loss as of now just healing and getting better....But thats hard when i was finally off a plateau and my weight was moving 1-2 pounds a week... Just a little frustrating.  I will try to keep you up dated as I go along... Come on June 2nd!!! I'm ready to have restriction again!!!!


  1. Great you made it out of surgery okay! Hang on in there until the 2nd!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. And I hope your fill comes soon for you so that you can get back on track with your great weigh loss :o)