Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear Gallbladder....I hate you!

Well what a week!!!! I have been having a lot of trouble since last Wednesday keeping anything down! Starting Saturday I couldn't even keep liquids down!! I was scared my band had slipped or something!!! I called my Dr. and they said all Dr.s were in surgery so to go to the emergency room...... Well come to find out I have gallstones.... fun right???? So I stayed all day and had fluids put in me since I couldn't drink anything.... My Dr. squeezed me in yesterday and took out all of my fill to give things time to heal... Also I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday to have this god awful gall bladder removed! I will be glad to see this thing go!!!!  The only good thing I can say is at least my weight has dropped a few pounds since all this and I am down to 185 which I haven't been since my freshman year of high school!!!! Now lets see if I can survive till Tuesday! (Today seems to be a good day, since the unfill I can drink fluids again and my Dr. has me on a diet of mashed potatoes... how fun!)


  1. Sorry to hear about the gallstones. I hope you are feel better!

  2. Thanks! I feel back to normal today! But the past few I felt like I was near death!! Thank goodness my lap band Dr. is also a general surgeon so he will be the one taking it out! Which makes me feel a lot more at ease!!!